Via del Tagliamento

The way of Allemagna and its friulan path, the way of Tagliamento, is a way of pilgrimage that concerns half Europe, is not a ring and is not a local way, it brings to Santiago de Compostela, in San Martino di Tours and Rome, but its historical direction is towards Jerusalem.

The Via in the Friulian part follows the main courses of the Tagliamento,both to the right and to the left, with various possibilities through artistic cities, rich in traces of hospices dedicated to the medieval pilgrimage.

The main route starts in Krakow and goes through Vienna, Tarvisio, Malborghetto, Pontebba, Dogna, Chiusaforte, Moggio Udinese. It is possible to walk through a rare sequence of extraordinary natural environments. The route continues in Venzone through the plateau of Rivoli Bianchi, then in Gemona on its conoids, down through the grasslands of Campo di Osoppo and the resurgences of Bars.

Then pilgrims can reach the conglomeratic rocks of Osoppo, then Susans, and the Hospital of San Giovanni di Jerusalem and the town of San Tomaso di Majano. Afterwards the lake of Ragogna and its ancient castle. It is also possible to reach the morainic formations of San Daniele, the City of the Guarneriana and see its library and the plateaus of Aonedis that overlooks the river. Going south, the route links to Dignano and Sant'Odorico di Flaibano where there are protohistoric sites. Towards the plain pilgrims will arrive in Turrida di Sedegliano. Then to Camino al Tagliamento and between Pieve di Rosa and Varmo, it is possible to find the ruins of the seven medieval castles. In Ronchi there is the site of the oldest hospitale of the knights of San Giovanni. Moreover in Latisana there is the old port between the lagoons and the sea.
The Tagliamento river is an example of the primitive state of a river. It is a model of European study, an authentic natural wonder. The route is partly on asphalted cycle paths, but mostly on dirt roads, in the woods, on the prairies, where you can also cross small fords.

Tarvisio Tarvisio
Fiume Tagliamento Fiume Tagliamento
Castello di Ragogna Castello di Ragogna


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