Cammino delle Pievi della Carnia

Isolated on hills and heights, guarding the community and the villages below, the “Pievi” (Parish Churches) are the ancient baptismal Churches that stood in the countryside, as reference for the Evangelization of rural areas.

In Carnia there are ten Parish Churches founded between the fifth and fourteenth centuries. The average length of each stage is about 14 kilometers per day and the whole route is about 250 km.

The route winds along twenty stages, in ten of which it is possible to meet the historical Parish Churches, and two Sanctuaries then still preserves marvelous artworks, evidence of the religious vitality of the mountains inhabitants. Originally made by eighteen stages, it was, in 2013, extended and now it includes the communities and territories of But Valley, Pontaiba Valley and Chiarsò valley.
In the early centuries of Christianity, the most important center of diffusion of the Christian message in Carnia was Zuglio, the ancient Roman Iulium Carnicum. In Zuglio, in the ancient Church (today only the archaeological ruins remain), baptism and other sacraments were dispensed for the "Alpigiani".

In the surrounding areas, single Parish Church were built at the same time, where the inhabitants of the territories around them went to receive the same sacraments.
This route was born as a spiritual and religious pilgrimage. It allows to know important historical and cultural aspects of this region and it is also suitable for families.

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